Time & Space Challenges: Design While Building 10 Stories of Biomedical Research in 28 Months

Monday, April 29, 2:20 - 3:10 PM

Room #: Manatee Spring I & II

The Biomedical Sciences Partnership Building is the University of Arizona’s latest addition to the new Phoenix Biomedical campus. Starting without a program, learn how the project team delivered this complex, 10-story, 245,000 sq ft of translational research building with highly flexible labs and offices, core facilities, vivarium, and meeting center—all within a 28-month time frame.

Time constraints on the award-winning Biomedical Sciences Partnership Building allowed only six months from the start of programming to shovels in the ground, with construction starting well before design was completed and before any occupants were determined. Successful delivery of this translational research tower for the University of Arizona is the result of an open and collaborative owner-builder-designer relationship, collectively reconciling the builder’s need for certainty as early as possible, with the designer’s need to defer commitment as long as possible. 

This presentation examines the project-specific techniques that enabled the team to rapidly evaluate options, filtering them through a decision-making framework that prioritized materials and methods to minimize construction time. This was supported by novel programming tools and innovative design strategies that maximized future planning flexibility. The session concludes with lessons learned regarding process, constructability, design, and function.

Key Takeaways:
•    Delivering a project at a rapid pace.
•    Working with design and construction teams to supports a client’s mission, fit its culture and meet budgets on an accelerated schedule.
•    Develop appropriate tools to simultaneously engage administrators, designers and contractors in strategic decision-making.
•    Realize meaningful planning flexibility and programming for future unknowns for lab planning, interior design, engineering, and construction. 

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