Kirksey Architecture

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We are Kirksey — a Houston and Austin-based architecture firm, passionate about great architecture and all things sustainable.
In 1971, a young architectural intern named John Kirksey, just one year out of college, with a single project and an entrepreneurial spirit, set out to create the firm now known as Kirksey Architecture — a leader in the architectural field in Texas. What started out as John and a couple of friends working on an independent project in a makeshift studio set up in his attic, has grown into a multi-specialized practice more than 150 strong, headquartered on our own corporate campus in Houston, Texas with a second office in Austin.

At Kirksey, we greatly value each other, our clients, our community, and our earth. As architects, designers, and planners, we believe it is our responsibility to design high-performing, healthy buildings that positively impact the people, environment, and communities they serve. We do this by creating facilities that are resource-efficient, site and community enhancing, and provide a healthy and enjoyable experience for the people within them.

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