ELGA LabWater

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ELGA LabWater, a division of Veolia Water Technologies, has been a trusted name in water purification for over 80 years, pioneering innovative technologies and award-winning product design. ELGA’s range of pure and ultrapure water purification systems provide water quality ideal for clinical, research, laboratory, and any other high purity requirements. The PURELAB® range features several products ideal for critical science and analytical applications. The CENTRA® range offers centralized distribution of high purity water adapting to your applications as they change. ELGA also offers customized systems that are fully skidded, preplumbed, and wired, ready for installation. They come with pretreatment, RO unit (or EDI), storage tank, and distribution. Options include:

  • a tank distribution skid system
  • the IonPro, which is a reverse osmosis and electrodeionization water purification system, providing high purity water
  • the Flexx DP system for distribution to polisher systems
  • the Rapid Strata, which has twin-bed deionizers capable of producing high purity water
  • a skidded high purity water system, which meets ASTM, CAP, CLSI, and USP purified water quality

These high purity water systems can be fully designed and customized to your needs with varying flow rates. Trusted manufacturer of PURELAB®, MEDICA®, and CENTRA®.


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