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Miele Professional manufactures high performance cleaning equipment, including laboratory glassware washers, laundry systems, dishwashers and medical and dental washer-disinfectors. With Miele, no product detail is overlooked. From engineering and program design, to build quality, to performance and innovation, Miele products are tried and tested rigorously and trusted by businesses all over the world. For more than 50 years, Miele has been providing advanced glassware systems and application expertise to the pharmaceutical, food processing, petro chemical, flavor, fragrance and cosmetic industry as well as public health, government, forensic and educational laboratories. We offer a full range of sustainable laboratory glassware washers including large chamber & undercounter and provide detergents. Miele also offers application expertise and a five year limited warranty through its System4Lab program. The new Flex Series washers– with variable speed pump technology – lead the industry in water consumption – utilizing just 2.4 gpf. Our Washers are factory rated to last 15,000 operating hours which translates into 15 years, if the washer is used 5 hours per day/five days per week).  www.miele-pro.com

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