Lynne Cooper

Director of Project Management Services
Facility Logix

Lynne Cooper is the Director of Project Management Services at Facility Logix, an owner’s representative and management consulting firm for biotechnology and life sciences companies. Lynne has 19 years of experience and extensive knowledge in the commercial construction of laboratory buildings, project execution, laboratory, and medical equipment qualification and procurement, and advanced electrical and mechanical system specification and design. As the Director of Project Management Services at Facility Logix, she is responsible for leading and managing collaborative teams from the concept stage through move-in for complex laboratory, biotechnology and biopharmaceutical projects. 

Lynne’s range of projects has included the interior fit-out of laboratory spaces for clients throughout Maryland, such as Maxcyte, United Therapeutics, Eisai, Integrated Biotherapeutics, and Alexandria Real Estate Equities, to the development of ground-up projects for George Mason University and Lung Bioengineering, to name a few. Prior to joining Facility Logix, Lynne was a Senior Project Manager at a leading commercial construction company in Maryland specializing in biotech building systems. Lynne is an active member of The International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) and Women In Bio.

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