George L. Kemper, RA

George L. Kemper, RA, has been the primary laboratory planner for the last 25 years at BHDP. He has planned over two million square feet of lab space and has project experience in Higher Education, R&D, Pharmaceutical, Clinical lab markets and animal research facilities. His laboratory experience includes projects such as Teaching labs, BSL2 research labs, BSL3 labs, ABSL2 Vivarium design including transgenic and zebrafish facility, Clinical testing labs, ISO 6 and ISO 7 Cleanrooms, Quality control laboratories, and Hazardous chemical storage. George currently leads the Programming, Planning, Design, and Documentation of the Laboratory projects at BHDP. He also served as a technical reviewer for the NIH 2012 revision of the Design Requirements Manual for Biomedical Laboratories and Animal Research Facilities (DRM 2012).

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