Daniel D Garner, PH.D.

President, CEO & Executive Director
Houston Forensic Science Center
Daniel D. Garner, Ph.D., is President, CEO and Executive Director of Houston Forensic Science Center Inc. Prior to his current position, Dan was chief of the forensic services section of the International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program, a component of the U. S. Department of Justice’s Criminal Division. He was previously the president of Cellmark Diagnostics Inc., a DNA?based genetic testing business. Dan began his 40?plus year career in forensic science with the Forensic Science Laboratory of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms when it was still part of the U.S. Department of Treasury. He has also published numerous articles and testified as an expert in federal, state and military courts. Additionally, he has held teaching positions at George Washington University and the Antioch School of Law, now the University of the District of Columbia David A. Clarke School of Law.

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