Dr. Xin Qiu, ACM, EP

Founding Principal and Board Chairman
Novus Environmental

Dr. Xin Qiu, ACM, EP, is a founding Principal and board chairman of Novus Environmental. He has over 20 years of experience in meteorology, climatology and air quality studies. He has led 100+ projects focusing on meteorology, extreme weather, climate change, air quality, resilience of cities and adaptation. Xin is an IPCC Expert Reviewer on the latest AR5's Reports. He is certified as an Accredited Consulting Meteorologist by CMOS, a Professional Meteorologist and an Environmental Professional by ECO Canada. An adjunct professor, Xin has given many presentations to both academics, as well as industry professionals. He is a member of ASHRAE and has presented his research and findings at many conferences across North America, most recently at the I2SL conference in September 2015.

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