Top 10 Lab Design Pitfalls to Avoid

Monday, April 24, 10:10 - 11:00 AM

Room #: City of Oaks

Certain lab design pitfalls can create an undesirable outcome. Communication channels need to remain open throughout the design process to achieve a successful result. This session will examine each pitfall and the circumstances that caused it, and more importantly, how to steer clear of them in order to achieve project success. Learn about tips and tricks to organize yourself and ...

From Afterthought to Forethought: Designing an Optimal Analytical Lab

Monday, April 24, 2:40 - 3:30 PM

Speaker(s): James Schreyer

Room #: City of Oaks

Dedicated instrument laboratories performing analytical chemistry using mass spectrometers, liquid chromatography and other equipment are critical-use areas within modern laboratories. These instruments are often used to perform daily quality control and testing functions. All facets of employing analytical equipment—from procurement, setup and the testing procedures, to the staffing and utility requirements—make owning and operating analytical equipment an extraordinarily expensive undertaking.

All ...

Integrating Environmental Health and Safety Issues into Lab Design

Monday, April 24, 4:10 - 5:00 PM

Room #: City of Oaks

MIT is a great example of an institution that is expected to lead the world in scientific discovery, but in doing so must deal with a great deal of complexity with regard to facilities and its building systems. The programmatic and aesthetic priorities cannot be allowed to distort the essential criteria for a successful laboratory, which is to allow investigators ...

Workshop: Handling Hazardous Materials in Your Laboratory

Monday, April 24, 5:10 - 6:00 PM

Room #: Salon F-H

If you are designing a lab space or work in a lab, you have experienced the challenges associated with understanding the complex rules and requirements regarding using hazardous materials. The vendors that supply these materials have not made understanding requirements easy. It is the burden of the construction participants to assure compliance to regulations and good engineering practice. This workshop ...

Workshop: Getting What You Pay For: The Value of Lab Mock-ups

Monday, April 24, 5:10 - 6:00 PM

Room #: City of Oaks

Mock-ups have an intrinsic value, but they come with a cost. What do projects gain from including mock-ups? What do projects give up without mock-ups? What are different kinds of mock-ups, and how are they best applied? When can in-place mock-ups substitute for dedicated mock-ups? What parts of projects benefit most from mock-ups? When and how can mock-ups be misleading ...

Redefining Engineering Learning and Working Environments

Tuesday, April 25, 11:10 - 12:00 PM

Speaker(s): Mark Freeman

Room #: Salon F-H

Deakin University’s new Centre for Advanced Design in Engineering Training (CADET) is a new higher education and research facility designed as an integral part of the Research and Technology precinct within the Deakin University campus. Envisaged as a catalyst capable of redefining a modern design based engineering school, CADET provides a stimulating and engaging student-centered learning environment, integrating creativity, innovation ...

Creating Community and Connectivity in Lab Design

Tuesday, April 25, 1:30 - 2:20 PM

Room #: City of Oaks

Science and Technology owners often demand world-class cutting edge laboratories that attract the best talent in the country but designed at a record pace with a limited budget. The speakers will reveal that at the core of this challenge is creating a sense of community and creating connections between users, their research and the surrounding environment. The presentation will reveal ...