Keynote #1: Targeted Success: How Good Design Can Help Achieve “Top 10”

Monday, April 29, 9:00 - 10:00 AM

Room #: Regency Ballroom Q

What does it mean to be “the best?” More and more, clients are aiming for very specific targets—for universities, being ranked in the Top Ten. For research institutes, receiving the most money from grants. And for corporations, being recognized as “the best place to work.”

As designers, how can we create places that help achieve these goals? I’ll ...

General Session #1: Around the World with Dow: Labs of the Future

Monday, April 29, 10:10 - 11:00 AM

Room #: Regency Ballroom Q

Over the past eight years, Dow has engaged in multiple projects across the globe to update and elevate the quality of their research facilities, brought about by business growth, a merger with DuPont, and strategic business initiatives set to achieve top performance in specific industry sectors. These new R&D centers provide a cutting-edge research environment supporting Dow’s intent to remain ...

General Session #2: A Glimpse into the Scientific Workplace of the Future

Monday, April 29, 1:20 - 2:10 PM

Room #: Regency Ballroom Q

What does the scientific workplace of the future look like? How can improved working environments improve research outcomes? Discover how the scientific workplace is evolving and learn how your institution can make progressive moves to transform your research space for the better.

Scientific organizations have often lagged behind the dynamic changes that have occurred in other businesses. In this presentation ...

Keynote #2: Shaping the Lab of the Future: Designing for Future Scientific Research Facilities

Tuesday, April 30, 9:00 - 10:00 AM

Room #: Regency Ballroom Q

Arup has undertaken research, through its Foresight Team, to look at the future drivers for scientific research and what this will mean for the commissioning, design and delivery of research facilities. The aim of this research is to inform people working within this sector—clients, developers, architects and engineers—about the direction for scientific research which will enable us, as an industry ...


Designing the Sustainable Learning Lab: A Multidisciplinary Research & Teaching Environment

Tuesday, April 30, 1:45 - 2:35 PM

Room #: Manatee Spring I & II

This presentation will discuss the challenges and opportunities associated with implementing sustainable solutions in a comprehensive multidisciplinary teaching and research building at Webster University on a constrained site adjacent to another LEED certified building. The design carefully places the large four-story structure within the campus’ intimate scale of existing buildings. The building steps down toward the center of the campus—its ...


Design Like an Imagineer

Tuesday, April 30, 2:45 - 3:35 PM

Room #: Manatee Spring I & II

Imagineers are known as the visionary driving force behind Disney’s theme parks. Similarly, lab designers, architects, and engineers are the visionary driving forces behind the future of laboratories. This presentation will explore the inspiration that can be drawn from Imagineers to apply in the lab design field. We will explore the possibilities!

The Ag industry relies on the analysis of ...


Is Your Lab Ready for Gen Z?

Tuesday, April 30, 4:05 - 4:55 PM

Speaker(s): Paul Fuson, MBA

Room #: Regency Ballroom Q

As more than 61 million Gen Zers will make up approximately one-fifth of the workforce by 2021, the pressure is on for labs to transform their outdated spaces into the future labs of tomorrow. Unfortunately, many of today’s labs continue to rely on outdated practices. While designed to optimize personnel safety, they don’t provide the right amount of lab performance ...

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