The Future Workforce in Lab Design: Where is it Coming From and What Does it Look Like?

Tuesday, April 30, 5:10 - 6:00 PM

Room #: Regency Ballroom R

Preparing for the future entails that the current professional lab design industry members mentor, encourage and train the next generation. Mentoring programs are a valuable way to offer guidance and support to individuals pursuing a career related to architecture, engineering and design. They are also a positive way to “give back” to the lab design community and help nurture the young talent that will evolve into tomorrow’s leaders—and determine the future of lab design. The lab design community would benefit greatly by focusing on the next generation of young professionals especially newly hired lab professionals.

Another challenge for the future workforce is what the face of lab design currently looks like and how can individuals be encouraged to enter the profession? What is the diversity level? Do women hold positions of leadership in the community?

This special Forum will be a lively panel discussion which will address the overall benefits of mentoring and will tackle the gaps that exist in the current workforce and what firms and lab design leaders are doing to mitigate them.

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