Turning 10 Common Lab Design Challenges into Benefits

Tuesday, April 30, 11:30 - 12:20 PM

Room #: Manatee Spring I & II

Project teams designing laboratories to be safe, functional and efficient face unique challenges ranging from large-scale programmatic issues to detailed features inside individual rooms. 

This presentation will highlight common problems from an architectural and engineering perspective, and will present specific examples and lessons learned from past projects. These examples will be overlaid with industry trends for various types of clients and project locations. 

Combined with industry benchmarks, current best practice ideas, and baseline reference data, the speakers will illustrate effective processes for optimizing the value of new construction and renovation projects. Attendees will gain insight into recent developments within the industry and learn how to minimize risk.

10 common challenges specific to laboratory construction and renovation projects for both institutional and private owners will be highlighted: 
1. Optimizing lab design in terms of goal setting, programming and current trends.
2. Planning spaces and utilities for specialized lab equipment.
3. Ensuring adaptable spaces for future needs.
4. Design flexible infrastructure.
5. Tailoring space cooling.
6. Establishing appropriate design conditions.
7. Ensuring proper air distribution and flow patterns.
8. Balancing safety and energy efficiency.
9. Choosing energy recovery strategies.
10. Selecting the primary heat source.

Key Takeaways:
•    Learn how to recognize opportunities and avoid all-too-common mistakes. 
•    Be better informed to make data-driven decisions early in the design process, improve measurable project outcomes and avoid wasted opportunities.
•    Establish balanced goals for functionality, sustainability and serviceability.
•    Capitalize on opportunities to maximize functionality and streamline construction while avoiding common pitfalls.
•    Translate conceptual goals into detailed design features.
•    Ask the right questions at the right time to identify needs and balance priorities.

Note: The AIA has approved this course for HSW credit.

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