General Session #1: Around the World with Dow: Labs of the Future

Monday, April 29, 10:10 - 11:00 AM

Room #: Regency Ballroom Q

Over the past eight years, Dow has engaged in multiple projects across the globe to update and elevate the quality of their research facilities, brought about by business growth, a merger with DuPont, and strategic business initiatives set to achieve top performance in specific industry sectors. These new R&D centers provide a cutting-edge research environment supporting Dow’s intent to remain one of the top specialty chemical and technology component companies on the globe. 

This panel presentation will “visit” recently completed facilities and demonstrate the commonalities in each design in addition to the differences each geographic location requires. Each “visit” will be led by a panel to showcase their specific perspective of the project. The panelists include an Owner’s representative, a Design Team Engineering leader, and an Architect. The locations featured are the Dow Center in Shanghai China, The Dow Middle East Innovation Center at KAUST University in Saudi Arabia, and the Dow Texas Innovation Center outside of Houston, Texas. 

Together, these facilities represent nearly two million sq ft of research, development and office space—and offer a compelling impact on architecture and engineering’s ability to foster innovation and research. The facilities and the laboratories have been designed to assume working conditions well into the future of the petrochemical industry while trying to meet the demands of schedule, cost control and the Owner’s strategic vision and goals.

Key Takeaways:
•    Learn how consistencies in design are important to an Owner who operates facilities across the globe.
•    Understand how fundamental engineering practices and requirements are implemented in different geographic locations.
•    Learn how laboratory templates are implemented by petrochemical companies to maintain safety and consistent operations.
•    Understand how customization of template designs allows for operational flexibility for a global petrochemical company.

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