Convergence Panel: Where the Office and the Lab Meet

Tuesday, April 30, 2:45 - 3:35 PM

Room #: Regency Ballroom Q

This presentation panel consists of the core leadership team that helped transform the lab and office environment on the Sanofi Pasteur GCI and QC laboratory buildings. Collectively they feature more than 120 years of laboratory experience from both the end-user, client and consulting side of laboratory planning, design and operations.

Creating an office and laboratory environment that increases productivity and efficiency, while fostering an enhanced culture of collaboration and teamwork, all while increasing employee retention and attraction is no easy task. Doing so on an active pharmaceutical campus where thousands of employees work daily is nearly impossible. This presentation will showcase Sanofi Pasteur's recent endeavor, two adjoined brand-new laboratory and office buildings totaling over 170,000 sq ft, that accomplished all this and more.

Sanofi Pasteur recently implemented a new office and laboratory environment in their GCI and QC Laboratory Buildings. This panel will discuss the project, from start to finish, highlighting how the team was able to accomplish the following:
•    Provide an increase in sample testing demand caused by increased production.
•    Optimize material flow.
•    Support new analytical testing required by federal standards.
•    Maintain continuity of operations during construction.
•    Enhance the quality of workplace for personnel.

Attendees will hear from the core project team, with representatives from the design and engineering side as well as from Sanofi Pasteur, who will discuss how the project was pitched, designed, and ultimately implemented in Swiftwater, Pennsylvania.  Attendees will also hear about the energy efficiency efforts, enhanced infrastructure components, flexibility of furniture and casework solutions, overall design and branding aesthetic utilized, and the change management process employed to deliver this successful project. 

Lessons learned will be shared in a candid and open dialogue meant to help attendees understand the many aspects of delivering complex laboratory and office projects—from front-end planning and owner approval to design and construction—and ultimately to the change management process post-completion.

Key Takeaways:
•    Learn how to maximize flexibility in the laboratory and office environment.
•    Learn how to create the right office/laboratory environment for your organization.
•    Learn how to implement a seamless delivery process in an occupied campus setting.
•    Learn how to shape the business case for a culture-shifting laboratory environment in your institution.

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