Renovating the Impossible: How to Successfully Renovate the 24/7 Occupied Lab

Monday, April 29, 3:20 - 4:10 PM

Room #: Manatee Spring I & II

The majority of laboratory construction projects in the United States are renovations, with fully occupied, continuous operations—making labs among the most challenging projects. In this presentation, an architect and an engineer will jointly share their insights about how to best identify opportunities for potential occupied renovation projects, methods for establishing a project plan, and a measured approach for renovating a fully occupied laboratory. They will outline how design teams must adapt from traditional approaches to address unforeseen challenges throughout the project and overcome the unique limitations of a fully occupied renovation. 

Candid feedback will be presented from building owners, contractors and lab occupants who have experienced an occupied renovation first hand. Two recent projects completed by the presenters will be used as examples to introduce their agile approach to control project costs and minimize disruptions to occupants. The strategy utilized during both design and construction—as well as lessons learned—will be outlined for attendees. 

Practical tips and techniques for BIM Model Management will be shared to assist design teams in creating a high-value collaborative renovation project design. Innovative construction techniques, specific to occupied renovations, will be offered along with how to best apply them to the design documents and during the project construction.

Key Takeaways:
•    Effectively plan an occupied laboratory renovation.
•    Avoid common pitfalls of occupied laboratory renovations.
•    Control costs throughout the design and renovation process.
•    Minimize disruptions to laboratory operations and occupants.

Note: The AIA has approved this course for HSW credit.

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