Lab Productivity: Using Science to Design a Lab

Tuesday, April 30, 4:05 - 4:55 PM

Room #: Manatee Spring I & II

This in-depth presentation focuses on some of the most technically challenging types of spaces to design—laboratories. Once the technical aspects are accounted for, what separates the good labs from the great? The answer lies in productivity. 

Whether the lab is for research, testing or teaching, operating at optimal potential is the goal of any lab. Attendees will learn about the history of laboratory design, followed by a discussion of productivity metrics that are translatable to various laboratory types, numerous design strategies and features that maximize productivity with examples from recent laboratory work. This “armchair” lab tour will feature the research behind enabling productivity, as well as the effect of design strategies on sustainability, safety and job satisfaction.

Key Takeaways:
•    Understand how lab productivity is measured.
•    Gain an appreciation of the history of lab design.
•    Learn a variety of productivity-enhancing strategies and features.
•    Appreciate the importance of designing for the senses.

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