How High-performing Teams Mitigate Lab Design & Construction Challenges

Monday, April 29, 2:20 - 3:10 PM

Speaker(s): Fred Tull - Kevin Brettmann

Room #: Regency Ballroom Q

This presentation examines the organization and execution of laboratory projects starting with building high-performing teams and using collaborative project delivery techniques and tools to align the project purpose. Some of the tools are developing a Value Proposition Canvas (VPC) that defines the project, like a start-up company identifying the business of the project and listing the challenges and successes and how challenges are overcome and successes are increased. Another tool is a Graphic Master Schedule (GMS) that is a client focused milestone schedule that uses information from the VPC and feeds into Last Planner® System pull planning workshops during design and construction. 

Utilizing Emory University Health Science Research Building II, Georgia Institute of Technology Marcus Center for Therapeutic Cell Characterization and Manufacturing (MC3M) featuring ISO class 7 and 8 cleanrooms, Colorado State University Translational Medicine Institute and other examples, this session will present proactive communication, cost control and schedule improvements through Lean Principals, Target Value Design (TVD) that describes a process of developing cluster groups and virtual reality/ mixed reality letting the end- users experience their laboratories before construction begins. 

Special considerations for laboratories, such as equipment, prefabrication and vibration, will be discussed along with flexibility and adaptability in design and construction of these complex facilities. Lessons learned are shared from these case studies. Integrating large groups of end-users and multiple facility departments in a lean process will be described.

Key Takeaways:
•    How to assemble a high-performing design and construction team.
•    Utilize collaborative project delivery techniques for laboratory projects.
•    Understand tools and techniques to improve cost and schedule control.
•    Learn about special considerations for laboratories.

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