MIT.nano: A Sensitive Facility that Aims to Stay that Way

Monday, April 29, 4:20 - 5:10 PM

Room #: Regency Ballroom Q

MIT.nano is a brand-new nanotechnology facility at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, designed to house a range of ultra-sensitive instruments. History has shown that sensitive facilities tend to become less sensitive over time as tools and users begin to move in. This presentation will describe the steps MIT.nano is taking to maintain its sensitive environment, and the role that a live telemetry system plays in an effort to “keep tabs” on the vibration environment. The presentation will describe the monitoring system and how the data is being analyzed and used in building operations.

MIT.nano is a state-of-the-art nanotechnology facility at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with two cleanrooms and a basement imaging area. Its lab spaces were carefully designed to provide an environment suitable for cutting-edge nanoscale research, capable of housing the most sensitive equipment. The building and labs were designed to minimize vibration, acoustics, temperature, humidity, and EMI interference. 

When a new facility is gradually being populated with instruments, a key concern is the degradation of the building environment over time as more instruments and noise-generating support equipment is added. This case study will show where vibrations in another facility changed significantly over 10 years as more and more user equipment was added. The presentation will describe the basic building layout of MIT.nano and the features and initial performance of its most sensitive areas with a focus on the basement imaging spaces that will house the most vibration-sensitive equipment. 

To prevent future performance degradation, MIT.nano is using a real-time and continuous live monitoring of the building’s environment, so that performance degradation can be identified and correlated with equipment and facility changes. An “alarm function” has been designed to let the building operators know when systems come on line that degrade the environment. The presenters will show example data of how the environment has changed in the short time since the building has come on line.

Key Takeaways:
•    What “nano” means in terms of the building environment.
•    Design approaches to achieve a desired environment.
•    What can happen to a sensitive facility over time.
•    What can be done to help ensure that the sensitive facility remains a sensitive facility.

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