Time is Money: Project Management for Life Sciences Buildings

Tuesday, April 30, 1:45 - 2:35 PM

Room #: Regency Ballroom Q

The volume of documentation on any new development project can find you feeling like you’re in an email/document tsunami. Recent survey data from PlanGrid & FM Group (July 2018) indicate that the search for “lost information” results in 2 days/week of lost time on construction projects. Time is definitely money! 

On highly regulated lab and bio-manufacturing projects, “lost information” can result in validation and product risks that impair the successful launch of new products destined to impact human health. Using the Microsoft tools many of us are familiar with in a SharePoint Collaborative environment, we’ve enhanced productivity throughout the project team, limited “lost time,” encouraged more team members to review documents, and have been able to integrate non-native application tools such as NewForma, SAS and others. 

Establishing workflows limits task recreation, helping to insure the standardization of decision-making across the project team throughout the project. Coupled with the data analysis tool, PowerBI, we’ve created real-time dashboard views that enable clients to quickly assess project and portfolio health. 

This presentation walks attendees through a case study where we deployed these tools across an active team of nearly 100 individuals. We’ll point out specific instances where the ability to set and control permissions facilitated the procurement of process equipment and will demonstrate how easy it is to upload and share files and documents. Whether your project is large or small, ground-up construction or a renovation, and whether it is FDA-regulated or not, this application can simplify project organization, implementation and documentation—saving time, money, frustration and limiting risk.

Key Takeways:
•    Introduction to SharePoint as collaboration tool.
•    Understand utility for document versioning.
•    Understand plug-ins for non-native applications like Newforma.
•    Importance of single tool for managing owner's needs.

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