Better, Faster, Lower Cost: Optimizing Lab Project Outcomes Through Design-Build Delivery

Tuesday, April 24, 3:20 - 4:10 PM

Speaker(s): Jamie Doran

Room #: Liberty Ballroom B

When owners are considering undertaking a renovation or building a new facility, they have options for the project delivery method they choose to achieve their goals. In today’s market, the most common path is through the Design-Bid-Build (DBB) project delivery method, but is this really the best path? Often owners feel that DBB allows them to maintain control of a project and to maximize transparency because they hold separate contracts with the design team and the contractors, and they have the ability to solicit bids from multiple sources. How many times have owners worked with a team of architects and engineers, finely tuning the design of a new or renovated facility, only to send it out to multiple contractors and have all the bids come in over-budget?

So back to the drawing board to whittle away at the design, causing project delays and disappointment. In reality, if the owner, design team and contractor all come to the table together at the beginning of a project with an incentive to collaborate, the entire team is more likely to be aligned in the overall goals—and project success is much more likely to be achieved. This presentation will help lab professionals understand how capital improvement projects can be enhanced greatly using the Design-Build project delivery method. We will discuss several successful case studies, including different lab and food grade facilities, and talk specifics about how a Design-Build Team, can save you time and money, while facilitating a spirit of total collaboration that ultimately results in a better project outcome.

Attendees will learn:

• How Design-Build facilitates total owner-designer-contractor collaboration.

• How Design-Build will streamline the process.

• How Design-Build will save on budget.

• How Design-Build will save time.

AIA CES Unit: 1


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