Keynote: Technology’s Transformation of Lab Design: There’s No Such Thing as “Future Proofing”

Tuesday, April 24, 9:00 - 9:50 AM

Room #: Liberty Ballroom A

How buildings are designed has changed dramatically in recent years, thanks to technology and the increasing importance of data. Tools such as BIM improve coordination, analysis and development in the areas of energy use, structural efficiency, day lighting and construction costs. In turn, these models generate data that underscore why we design what we do—data that building owners can use to measure and improve their facilities’ performance quantitatively. But technology and data have qualitative potential far beyond their use as tangible tools. They have the capability to substantially impact what we design as well.

Using three case studies, we’ll explore how technology and data are “flipping the switch” on traditional research building and laboratory typologies by impacting the intuitive nature of how buildings are used today—and more importantly, how buildings might be used in the future. We’ll explore how technology and data can influence—and even manage—user behaviors by radically shifting the perceptions of how people interact with their physical environments. We’ll even take an audacious peek into the future with a discussion on whether “future proofing” buildings is even possible anymore based on the rapid advancements of the technology and data we can no longer live—and design—without.

This presentation will explore the following:

1. Current State: Leveraging Technology • BIM Implementation & Benefits • Augmented and Virtual Reality

2. Emerging State: Leveraging Data Analytics • Data-Driven Design: Connecting the built environment to predictive analytics and operational design with computation design

3. Future State: Rethinking how we think about Technology and Data • Flipping the switch on traditional research building and laboratory typologies • The Internet of Things and its role in design • Using technology and data to manage user behaviors

4. There’s No Such Thing as “Future Proofing”

Attendees will:

• Explore the future of how technology is changing our built environment.

• Learn how technology and data are changing what our clients’ needs are in the research environment and even changing the building typology.

• Utilize data and technology to help influence and even manage user behaviors in the built environment.

• Examine the future of “future proofing” in light of exponential advancements in technology and data.



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