The 15 Week Lab Building

Tuesday, April 24, 11:10 - 12:00 PM

Room #: Liberty Ballroom A

Programming, planning and delivering construction documents for a 40,000 sq ft academic STEM laboratory building can be a trying and lengthy process for all stakeholders. This presentation provides strategies and lessons learned from a recent project when the programming and design process is condensed into 15 weeks. Success for rapid and agile project delivery depends on an experienced and collaborative design team with clear direction and decision-making from the owner and users.

This presentation will outline a non-traditional delivery method and how it can inform the normal delivery process. It will provide invaluable insight for owner representatives such as facility and project managers in terms of what to expect from an accelerated delivery model, from the perspective of schedule, team dynamic and decision-making. Architects, designers and laboratory planners will find the delivery lessons enlightening when considering an accelerated delivery format.

This presentation is structured around strategies and lessons learned from each week during a project:

Week 1: Defining success

Week 2: Client/background

Week 3: Stakeholders

Week 4. Collaborative Team Building

Week 5: Programming

Week 6: Module

Week 7: Room Criteria

Week 8: Building Design

Week 9: Building Layout

Week 10: Information Gathering/Generation

Week 11: Information Sharing

Week 12: Decision-making

Week 13: Coordination

Week 14: Fit-up

Week 15: Product Delivery and Analysis


Attendees will learn:

• Contract Accelerated vs. Traditional Laboratory Delivery Model

• Key Effective Traits for Owner Success

• How to Harness a Collaborative Design Team

• What you get, what you sacrifice. You can’t have it all…or can you?

AIA CES Unit: 1


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