The Integrated Project Delivery Method: Implementing Flexible, Integrated, High Performance Lab Design

This presentation will focus on the design of Brown University’s new Engineering Research Center, completed in November of 2017. Utilizing an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) method, the design team worked closely with Brown faculty, project consultants, construction manager, and subcontractors from the onset of design. This presentation explores the opportunities and challenges the design team faced as they worked to create a world-class research facility. In addition to a complex program, the project also had very ambitious sustainability and energy use goals.

The School of Engineering Research Center is an 80,000 sf facility featuring nanotechnology and biology clean rooms, an advanced imaging suite, an interdisciplinary instructional laboratory, and multiple convergence research laboratories. The goal of the project was to provide a new high-intensity, flexible research facility to support the growth and expansion of the School of Engineering (SOE). The session will focus on key unique aspects of the project—including the Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) method that was used to design and build the project, and how this process provided both opportunities and challenges to the design team.

The speakers will explain how the design of the building united a disparate set of legacy buildings making up the SOE complex. Another topic of discussion will be how the laboratory design strategy focused on the creation of highly flexible convergence research laboratories, designed only after construction of the building had commenced. The session will cover in-depth the methodology used to design the collaboration and interaction spaces in the building, so that they responded appropriately to the scale of the research enterprise in the Brown SOE. Finally, the design team will describe how the project was designed to meet very aggressive energy use targets—and how the design process supported meeting those goals.

Attendees will:

• Understand the Integrated Project Delivery methodology and what it means to a high performance design process.

• See examples of design principles that promote a world-class collaborative research environment.

• Apply strategies used to plan for flexibility and adaptability in convergent research laboratories.

• Learn how to achieve aggressive energy goals by optimizing the Integrated Project Delivery process.



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