Best Practices for Achieving Flexibility and Enhancing Collaboration

Monday, April 24, 2:40 - 3:30 PM

Room #: Salon F-H

This session will explore planning approaches for creating integrated science facilities that drive efficiency and embody future flexibility with regards to cost, program and building systems. The presentation will examine three new science building projects that feature openness and transparency to promote comfort, efficiency, safety, productivity and collaboration. Design opportunities and options that integrate physical space, program and user experience to attract science’s brightest minds will be showcased.

The speakers will present user-specific tradeoffs and strategic choices that led to radically different design approaches. The architects will explore the design features of their new Integrated Sciences Complex that illustrate flexibility and influence collaboration, showing how interaction areas of various scales, locations of write-up desks, group work space, shared equipment and lab support all promote connectivity and interaction. Discipline-driven variations will be explored to illustrate the flexibility of planning concepts. The presenters will compare metrics for net/gross, support/lab and other parameters for these examples and benchmark them against industry norms, sharing details and post-occupancy lessons-learned regarding current laboratory features such as “plug-and-play” services and mobile casework.

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