Integrating Environmental Health and Safety Issues into Lab Design

Monday, April 24, 4:10 - 5:00 PM

Room #: City of Oaks

MIT is a great example of an institution that is expected to lead the world in scientific discovery, but in doing so must deal with a great deal of complexity with regard to facilities and its building systems. The programmatic and aesthetic priorities cannot be allowed to distort the essential criteria for a successful laboratory, which is to allow investigators to perform scientific research safely. Finding a way to articulate safety standards for laboratory design that meet institutional goals for quality, functionality and utility complemented by longevity is a goal MIT is pursuing with vigor. By involving all relevant departments simultaneously in the creation and review of new design standards, MIT is attempting to implement the necessary checks and balances necessary to create a usable set of design standards that will be understood, accepted and utilized by the professional A/E community.

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